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Middle/High School

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Middle / High Experience

Our priority is to see each student reach his or her academic best. Our purpose is to see our students reach their goals. We strive to tailor our curriculum to meet the needs of the individual student using a variety of teaching methods and schedule options to best support each student. We give our students the "high school experience" from a Christian worldview perspective. With our 1:20 max class sizes our educators have the unique ability to tailor their teaching to ensure each student can not only meet but exceed Florida standards for graduation.

Academic Accountability

Hart 2 Hart Christian Academy is accredited through ILCS and Cognia /AdvancED.

Guidance Department

Hart 2 Hart Christian Academy is one of the few Private Schools in North Central Florida that has a full-time guidance counselor. Alongside our principal and faculty, our guidance counselor helps address our students' academic, behavioral, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In addition, our guidance department helps students navigate dual-enrollment for for juniors and seniors through the college application and selection process.


The mission of Hart 2 Hart Christian Academy middle and high school is to do everything we can to ensure that students become responsible, confident, and well-rounded individuals that will achieve their full potential, both academically and personally. We will instill a love of learning through hands-on activities and individualized paths. We equip students with skills that will build their capacity to thrive post high-school. These skills include problem-solving skills, communication skills, and social skills that they will continue to use throughout their lives. We will counsel students throughout their time in high school to determine the best route for them, whether it be enrolling in college, joining the workforce, or enlisting in the military. Regardless of the paths that students choose, we will ensure that we do all that we can to prepare them and support them as they transition out of our school. 

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