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The Elementary Experience

In our elementary program we prioritize learning over speed. Our desire to for students to learn to read, develop critical mathematical skills, and become problem solvers. Our program is centered on preparing students for the transition from kindergarten into elementary and eventually from elementary into middle school.



Hart 2 Hart Christian Academy is proud to provide an elementary school environment that prioritizes the needs of every student. This is done by ensuring loving and supportive classroom experiences and educators who truly foster the belief that all students have the ability to excel. Our vision is to provide instruction in a Christ centered culture where students are able to gain knowledge and grow both academically and socially. As our students grow from kindergarten through 5th grade, each year, we prepare them for the most supportive transition possible through the elementary grades and eventually to our middle and high school programs. 


At Hart 2 Hart, we focus on the needs of the “whole child” each and everyday, every student is our absolute priority and every family is a partner in the learning experience. 

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Ethical Conduct and Reporting
Privacy Policy of Hart 2 Hart 
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