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Student Council

Hart 2 Hart Christian Academy's Student Council works collaboratively with the

school administration and the board to ensure bringing about a positive impact

to their school community, which impacts their city or town, which impacts our

state, which impacts our country, and changes the world.

They do this through projects and activities, Student council:





2023-2024 Student Council

President: Clarence "Nathan" Jett

Vice President: Donovan Dore

Secretary: Molly Bauman-Montoya

Treasurer: Natalie Morse

Student Chaplains: Lucas Sessler, Ian Shipp, and Daniel Bliffin

IT/PR Representatives: William "Joey" Striglio and Lucas Sessler

Grade Representatives:

8th: Molly Bauman-Montoya

9th: Alexia Landen

10th: Daniel Bliffin

11th: Ian Shipp


- By involving students in meaningful, purpose-oriented activities

- By leading each individual in developing a sense of personal responsibility and

earned self-respect 

- By providing a forum for student opinions, interests, and desires so these may be

understood by the entire student body, faculty, administration, and community


- By contributing to the total educational growth of all students in the school 

- By being the catalyst inside the classroom leading the way for learning and thinking.


- By providing young people with the power and right to speak and, especially, the power, right, and privilege of being heard by those in authority

-  By providing coordination of school-sponsored student activities with constant evaluation in terms of the selected purposes

- By promoting opportunities for leadership among student body members


- By demonstrating school loyalty, pride, patriotism, and individual student development

- By selecting projects and activities that seek to achieve purposes that are significant in the life of the school community

- By helping each student reach maximum educational growth and development


The Arts are proven to enhance education. Theatre is a valuable tool that provides students with a platform in which they can express themselves without judgment.  At Hart 2 Hart Christian Academy we interweave the arts into our daily plans and create opportunities for students to discover their divine gifts and purpose. 

Current Clubs:
Bible Club
Student Council
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