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Your child is transitioning from a toddler to a preschool student therefore our curriculum builds on your child’s cognitive, social and emotional needs in preparation for the kindergarten classroom. Lessons are designed to ensure that children grasp concepts in ways that are most meaningful to them



Our VPK program is designed to work hand and hand with the Early Learning Coalition and follows the five domains developed by the Department of Education. At Hart 2 Hart Academy we go above and beyond the normal standards to ensure your child not only learns the alphabet and phonics but learns to put them together to begin the early stages of reading.


We teach numbers and rote counting but go a step further to educate the child on basic math skills. We also realize that technology plays an important role in today’s society, therefore we have also enhanced our program to include basic computer and tablet skills. The teachers work with the children to ensure their easy transition to kindergarten through social skills and academic readiness. We encourage parent participation at all levels and provide monthly reports to keep parents informed on their progress.


The goal of early learning childcare is to activate the childs own natural desire to learn. 

Maria Montessori

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